Wednesday, June 30, 2010

7 lbs of Cauliflower!

I need some cauliflower recipes that do not include meat.

Logan and I just harvested 7 lbs of the stuff off of 2 plants in my garden. There is more where that came from, but these needed to be taken cus they were starting to flower.

Curried cauliflower, cauliflower stir fry... anything? I need to do something with these babies and I can't wait until my tummy is up to it. Something that will freeze well would be great too. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!




Katie said...

Cauliflower goes well in potato soup. You get nice bits to bite into that blend well with the other flavors in the soup. It also freezes well. I can't claim to have done much else with cauliflower, so I'm interested to see what other people recommend.

Sarah said...

So pretty! I wish I could get cauliflower to grow well. Sorry- no recipes from me...I prefer it just steamed with butter.

Hope you are feeling a bit better now.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Preserve it to use later. Well, the excess anyway. Blanch it and freeze some pieces, blanch cut and puree to add to soups and things like mashed potatoes later, and my personal favorite dehydrate it and store it for later to rehydrate and use.

I am jealous. I only got one real head of cauliflower off my spring garden.


Luisa said...

I have about 5 recipes for cauliflowers and I definitely recommend blanching then freezing. If you don't mind I can post them on my blog later this afternoon and I'll mention your post. I'm surronded by kids right now. I'll come back and comment by tonite.

mandi said...

mmm...way to go! that's an amazing haul from just 2 plants!
google a recipe for cauliflower au graten. it can be modified to vegan if need be. this is our favorite way to eat it! and it freezes!

Lise said...

Freeze it--it'll work well later. I like roasted cauliflower, often with red peppers added. Or add the roasted cauliflower to mac and cheese. There's a yummy curried lentil and cauliflower recipe in "Feeding the Whole Family" (good cookbook to request from the library if you don't have it). Yay for your harvest!

Unknown said...

Jerry Seinfeld's wife has a book Deceptively Delicious with lots of hidden pureed cauliflower. Like this recipe:

Erin said...

Oooh we LOVE cauliflower steamed and blended with a bit of butter and broth if needed -- use in place of mashed potatoes! Amazingly delicious!

Katie said...

I do a broc-cauliflower brown rice bake with sliced red bell pepper, a splash of soy sauce and chicken stock, I top it with cashews (optional) and a little grated cheddar.

Please tell me I didn't make you ill writing this out. Kids seem to love this one, I can send you the recipe if you would like it. We also love it steamed and made into mock mashed potatoes.
Adding apple cider vinegar in a glass of water is supposed to help with nausea....

Kiyi Kiyi said...

What beautiful cauliflower!!!
This is my favorite cauliflower recipe

Kid tested and approved! :P It's one of the recipes I developed to use up eggs. When you have your own chickens every dish has to have at least one egg in it.

ColorSlut said...

OMG - 7lbs. I never get that much of anything out of my garden. What is in your soil??? Goodness!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

It's all horse poo... lol! That's the magic ingredient in my soil, and it grows things amazingly well! Another thing I do that I have had great success is I bare root my plants I purchase from the store. I soak them in water to get all the potting soil off the roots before I put them in the ground. I haven't been doing it for long, but I have noticed a huge difference in how they grow after doing it. I will post about it soon. ;)



Anonymous said...

I'd freeze it and then use it in these 3 recipes, or as a gratin, or in a white risotto.
#1 roast blanched florets in the oven at 400, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar until the edges are crispy.
#2. Cauliflower puree: 2-2 and 1/4 lbs, steam until very tender but not mushy,place drained in blender,add 2tbs butter, and 2 tbs Parmesan, puree until very smooth. Use instead of mashed potatoes, or as you would a polenta, under stew or veggies. This is soooo good when its cold outside.
#3 Cauliflower caramelized onion tart from march 2007. If you can't find it email me and I will send it your way.
Enjoy your bounty, glad your feeling better.

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