Cast of Characters

This is me. 
Don, my husband and partner in all things that don't involve farm animals.

Cyan - 14, only daughter and partner in all things farm animals.
Alex, 19, now stationed in Georgia.
Luke - Very 4
Logan - 8 going on 20
Ember - our sweet GSD mix
Vader - our teenage lab mix

Sparkles - 5 years old (hatched 6-2010) and our current chicken matriarch.

And our hens.  8 - 12 hens are on our 1/4 acre homestead and grace us with delicious pampered hen eggs.
Now that we have just the three kids at home, our homestead is picking up a few new babies.  The first among them is Vader, our now 13 month old lab mix puppy.  He is the reason why we only have 9 hens right now, and we are training him to protect instead of eat them.  The next adventure is that Cyan is taking a highschool (homeschooled) Farm Animal Science course and she is buying some breeding rabbits!  So keep an eye out for those sweet baby bunny pictures soon!

 Welcome to our homestead!  

Come on in... I'll make you a cup of tea.


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