Sunday, March 6, 2022

Fantastic Beasts Party

Fantastic Beasts party in the books. ❤️

First up, decorations.  I went all out creating the inside of Newt Schemander's magical suitcase.  Outside the door I put up an Owlry, giant spiders, and all sorts of fun things that Newt would need for his magical creatures.  

The party table was filled with giant plants, Newt's Magical Creatures book, the Monsterous Book of Monsters, a Niffler with his pile of gold, and Jacob Kowalski's suitcase filled with his amazing pastries.

I even made a "Muggle Worthy" suitcase for our friends at Ellis Island.

We had two games to play.  

First one was a pigmy puff hunt.

Newt Scamander accidentally released 36 Pygmy Puffs and we needed help to round them up in Central Park. The pigmy puffs were placed around the entire 4 acres and the kids were tasked with bringing them all home.

Luke's outfit was a mix of Newt's outfits in the first two Fantastic Beasts movies.  The long grey coat was made from a man's wool sport coat I found at a thrift store.

This little guy in his pocket is a Bowtruckle.

My favorite scene in the movie:

I thought this scene was so wonderful that I asked the kids to recreate it.


Three of these:

And a box of these:
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