Friday, May 19, 2006

Summer Sewing!

Summer has hit early this year. This beautiful weather has brought out the summer clothes sewer in me. Cyan is the one that is lacking the most in summer clothes. Alex seems to have an endless supply of tea shirts, but I made him a couple raglans anyway (although he won't pose like she will).

This strappy apron tank is a design all my own. I think it turned out super cute! I love the elastic across the back. I wonder if that will bug her after wearing it, but I really like the look of it. Maybe next time I will try shirring instead.
I was particularly proud of the accent pocket I put on the front. How cute is that??
Sarah had sewing to do for her girl today as well, so she brought all of this wonderful soft cotton fabric, and I got some scraps! :) I used those to make Cyan a tank top and then some t-shirt sleeves.

I love this one! The grey cotton is from JoAnn's... that thick t-shirt stuff. It is really nice to work with.

I love the colors on these, but they were the first two shirts I ever used a cover hemmer on... and I keep feeling like I did something wrong. The bottom seam on the tank is turning all the time already. This will drive me nuts. I know... perfectionists are never happy with their work. But I may not even let her wear it. lol... I did a good job on the shoulder straps though!

All in all I call this a hugely successful sewing day. Sarah got a lot done too. She is making Hannah Anderson patterned panties for her little Hannah. They look great and comfortable to me! I bet Hannah will love them!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A gift of love

My friend Kristarae is going through cancer treatment right now. I wanted to send her something she could use to express her thoughts as she is on this journey. Love you Kris!

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Paint and Show

This is a drastic change for us. We have wanted to do this since we moved in. I bought the paint in March thinking that with all of the time I would have in the evenings when Don was in academy I would paint. I sewed, I gardened, Spring Break was here, Don broke his toe, etc... I never got to painting. So today I decided I would do the whole damned thing. I started taping this morning and just didn't stop until it was done.
It feels SO good now.
So here are my befores... just looking at them makes me happy with how nice this change is for our house! The salmon color, although a color I like, is not a paint I would have chosen, ever. It didn't match our color scheme on anything when we moved in and it took me forever to match things in here. I am not a theme type person even... just things that were in the same tones (ie earth tones, bold tones, classic tones, etc) were hard with this bright and flamboyant color.
So here is before #1:
Before #2:Before #3:
Here is a pic of during.
I was worried... I have to admit. Even though the purple is a less drastic color than the samlon, it is still pretty intense. And here is after it is finished:
After #2:

After #3, along with new pictures and a clean table. lol...:

Close up of the new light switch cover I made for that wall:
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