Monday, March 26, 2018

Spring Babies

Our spring babies are here!  These adorable sweethearts are going to wonderful homes in two weeks.  And one of the best parts of my job is taking the pictures that sell the babies to their forever homes! 
 We vet each home with a barrage of questions about rabbit knowledge and we fill in the blanks as often as we can to ensure people know what they are getting into when buying one of our sweet rabbits.  
We do all this to avoid the type of rabbit purchasing that happens at the pet stores.  The purchases that end up re-homed or put into the pound within two months of Easter because people didn't realize what it takes to care for a sweet, fluffy, little bunny tucked into their 3-year-old daughters Easter basket.  We are avoiding those scenarios by waiting until a week after Easter to let them go and asking extensive questions to make sure our new bunny owners know everything they need to know for success with their new family member.
And these are pretty cute new family members, don't you think?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bug Bash Birthday Party!

Calling all entomologists!  Come and join us on an epic insect adventure!
From the moment this kid could walk, all he has wanted to do was find bugs, learn about bugs, watch shows on bugs.  At one point we had a board book on insects that he made us read so many times that the cover had fallen off and the spine was coming apart and my best friend gave us a second copy that we still read a couple times a month to this day. 
Basically, this party is a long time in coming.  And I wanted to make it the best bug party I possibly could.  
The front door was decorated for the occasion.

After that, I turned my dining room into a bug paradise!

Vines on the walls, around the door, and a giant tree in the corner, and large bugs everywhere that I could fit them.
The ant picks around the table scattered like a picnic, 

and I added some cute little olive spiders to the pizza dinner that Luke asked for.
We made snails out of cucumbers, cream cheese, celery, cashews, and candy eyeballs from the cake decorating section at JoAnns.

We also had twigs, 
and a cake made into a rotting log:
The biggest hit at the table was the ant food picks.  They were so adorable!  The kids kept replacing the fruit they would steal from the top of the picks with new fruit from the bowl.  It was totally cute.  
We made honey lemonade and tucked it into a honey-hive shaped carafe,
and put it into milk bottles tied with twine and sweet little bugs to mark each kids drink.

The activities included a crazy silly string war (that I called "bug spray") and then we got to study some really awesome insects.  The shining star of the day was this amazing leaf bug named Wiggles:

We had other visitors as well, a spider named Jimmy, a giant hookworm, a bunch of crickets, centipedes, and worms.

At the end of the party, each kiddo had bag of bug fun to take home.  It was the perfect end to a super fun bug party!

The log cake was a huge hit!  Cookies and cream on the inside and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate on the outside.

The one thing we missed doing was the fossil cookies that we made and forgot in the fridge, so we made them the next day.  And yes, he was still wearing his rain forest bug t-shirt the next morning.  He must have had a good time! 

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