Saturday, February 7, 2004

No longer Guilty!

Down with guilt... down I say! The beauty of not having all of this guilt is that when you do feel it, it is the real thing... not saying sorry for missing someones house and having to drive around the block thus being late... saying sorry with feeling. With love... with intention that whatever you DO feel guilty about you will work not to allow that to happen again, and that is what guilt is SUPPOSED to be for... not to just vent and then say sorry. Grrrr... As wemon we are taught to compete... for jobs... for men... for the best parent award... and I don't remeber once where I have felt with out guilt since I have claimed to be a woman... and even last night, surounded by friends, and talking about things, we were constantly saying sorry. What is that?????? All of these beautiful women around me... and we are constantly saying sorry. I went to sleep thinking that I need to call Susan today and say sorry about something or other... and then I woke in the middle of the night and thought that would defeat the purpose of a nice long night. What is making me think that I need to say sorry? Perhpas I should call Susan and address that. At least that would be way more productive than me saying sorry.
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