Friday, December 27, 2019

Handmade Christmas 2019

This year we had a quite crazy Christmas break with lots of chaos and lots of sickness.

 But all the time off from any normal schedule meant lots of time to do handmade projects.  I got the crafty bug and got it bad!  And it ended up being some of the most fun we had all month.

We made these beautiful hand-rolled candles for everyone while watching a lot of movies while I was sick.
Then the kids got sick and I made a bunch of these fun little essential oil diffusers for everyone.

They sit in the heater vent of a car and you add a couple drops of oil to the wool balls and as the heater blows it will send the lovely scents of your oils throughout the car.

Next up - cookie tins for the neighbors:

We made tons and tons of cookies for all our neighbors while we were off of school for the holiday.  The kids ran around and dropped them off to all of our wonderful neighbors.

I also made a tiny gift for each of my students for the last day of co-op before break.  A sweet baby Jesus in a walnut shell.  <3 p="">

And last but not least, the ornament for 2019!  I made them for all of the kids co-op teachers as well as a few for the tree ornament box.  It goes perfectly with all our other years of handmade ornaments!
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