Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Thrifty Christmas Overload!

I felt like this last year I kicked ass at the home made gifts ideas. People loved them, I worked hard for them, and they only cost a little over $100 for ALL of the gifts we needed. Here are the pics:

This was a beautiful Ceder 4X4 that I got from a local lumber shop. I drilled holes in the top and added tea lights... then I sanded them down, and sealed them with linseed.

Beeswax shell candles. I bought wicks, wax, and shells. Put them together. (I melted the wax in a electric wok that I use for batiking which also uses melted wax)

Beaded keychains. You have to use the heaviest fishing line that will go into the beads. And crimps and needle nose plyers... but they are great. I had one on my keys for about a year.

$2 worth of bamboo... $3 vase... 1/2 a bag of $2 rocks... just add water. My brother loved this.

These sets were for different people and the board was $12 at Ikea for my mom. I also included some pics of the kids with her board and magnets. It was perfect and under $20 total. (I also glued magnets on the shells that were too small for candles)

Don't know if you can see it well... but it is an origami crane mobile. I just used origami paper, fishing line, and sticks. I love these. Each of my kids have one in their rooms. They are so beautiful and versitile. For Cyan's (which I made for her 4th birthday) I just took pictures from a garden magazine. All flowers...

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