Friday, October 29, 2004

Pumpkin houses

These are the pumpkin houses we made for our city this year. What a fun project it was! Alex and Cyan had a blast designing their houses. Cyan was insistant that we make the green house (very top rt corner of the pic below) into one too... that was a HUGE pain as it isn't a pumpkin... it is some sort of gourd. lol... but it was a great project that I think we will do again.


Tuesday, October 5, 2004


Jennica and I did a bunch of batiks this afternoon. Heather is setting up this great shop area she has out back just for a batik studio. They have big plans... but I am just enjoying these beautiful clothes we have decorated! All of these come from goodwill and for pennies, we made them into this:


Sunday, October 3, 2004

Maringo House Kitchen

This is the Maringo House kitchen. It is like the best and the worst kitchen ever. The worst because it has always been sort of like cooking in a hallway. There is no room to turn around around the stove, there is no space to cut or chop anywhere near where you would be cooking. But...
The pantry.

Awwww... the pantry. The pantry is like a little peice of heaven. I will always want a pantry like this one. It is a solice in this kitchen, that is terrible to cooking, awful to keep clean, but oh joy... you can just stand in the pantry and be happy smelling the smells and looking at all the clean, full jars lining the walls with bounty goodness.

The view of the front window. I have been collecting these colored glass vases for a while now... they look so beautiful with this old style glass window. A wonderful view above the hallway style sink. Beautiful.

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