Monday, September 16, 2019

First day of school interviews 2019-2020

It’s amazing how things can change in such a short amount of time. I went from having 4 kids in my house and homeschool to having one move out, then move to a different state, than the other graduate and start college, and now, seemingly all of a sudden, I only have two kids in my homeschool. It’s beautiful and also very bittersweet. This phase of having adult children.

These two boys are what’s left and I plan on enjoying all of the time I have where they are the only ones I am responsible for. They are both such incredible humans!

Luke, age 8, third grade

Food - Besides Donuts??  Huh.... Cake!
Color - Glowish blue or glowish purple blue
Animal - Wolf
Season - My birthday party - winter/cold - yes - cus you get to make snowmans just like a holiday.
Music - Spider-man in to the Spiderverse songs.  There's lots of different songs but I like the one we only listen to sometimes... in the van.  Oh!  "Start a Riot"

What do you want to learn this year?
My favorite thing about school right now id yesterday I did school on the computer.  Which was really fun.  I'm excited about starting school with you after a really long time.  Ive been excited to learn how to read good because I'm looking forward to reading VERY good and better.  I'm looking forward to almost being a Boy Scout and going with my brother on camping trips with him.  But that will be in two years.  I'm excited about learning to camp for my 5th time maybe? and I really like camping so I'm excited about that.

Logan, age 12, seventh grade

Food - Crab - There's a casino at Ocean Shores where you can buy bottomless crab.  That sounds awesome!  That's what I want to do with Boy Scout leadership is to go there and buy 3 of those and eat crab and talk about random crap.
Color- dark purple
Animal - Panther
Season - December - because it's cold and it snows.  I like being in a house and having it snow but I don't like being in a tent when it snows, like at Klondike.
Music - Alternative rock.  Like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, PANIC! At the Disco, and Weezer.

What do you want to learn this year?
I want to learn how to have better arguments so that I can be a lawyer when I get older.  More technical stuff like how to work on  computers and get them working better.  I want to practice leardership in Boy Scouts.  I want to get better at AirSoft and work on my buisness so I can buy a new AirSoft gear and a new keyboard too.  That's my goal for this year is to get a good gaming set up so that when I start streaming at 13 I'll have a better set up.
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