My kids

My kids are my pride and joy.  I love the fact that I get to spend my time with these precious creatures, molding them as they teach me everything I need to know in life.  I homeschool, which means I am with these sweet babies 24/7 and that can be hard, but it is never hard to find a reason why I love my job and living my life with these beautiful creatures.  My moto is "Smooth rides make for boring stories."

Let me introduce you:
 This is Alex.  He is almost 16 years old.  He is an amazing person, and a wonderful kid.  He loves origami, math, reading, music, nature, and his newest favorite hobby - driving!  He has all of the wonderful attributes that make teens so 'wonderful' (tounge in cheek), but at the same time, it is easy to see the man under the layers of eye rolling, back talking, and bad sarcasm.  He is growing into a beautiful manchild and I am excited to be his mom every day. 

This is Cyan.  (That is pronounced like Ryan but with an "S" sound at the start. Cyan.)  She is my girl in the middle and is now 10.  She loves drawing, painting, (any art)... cats, shoes, 'beautiful dresses', and audio books.   There will always be many more picutres of Cyan in our house than the boys.  Because she is ever willing to pose with a tomato, or help with roasting chestnuts.   I just love having her as my daughter.

And now to introduce you to my well spaced twins:

For a while after Luke was born we called him Logan version 2.0.   I am sure you can see why.  ;)

This is Logan.  He is currently 5 years old and has taken over the post of 'spit fire' of the family from Cyan (who is maturing very quickly into a beautiful young woman).  He is very mature for his age, already knowing how to ride a two wheeler, read, and make his own snacks.  He loves being outside, from playing t-ball in the back yard to riding bikes down our street.   

This is Luke.  He just turned 1!   He has a  very sweet temperment and is also very sensitive.  He smiled within an hour of being born and hasn't really stopped since.  He has become a joy for the other 5 of us.  He is a very sensitive baby and loves his mama time.  He is still nusing like a champ and loves to be in the Ergo on my back when we go out.  This season has been the first one he has been walking, so recently he discovered the joy that is our fully fenced (locked) backyard!  He is out there all the time right now... often with Logan. 
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