Tuesday, March 2, 2004

The Beauty of Spring

The world is an interesting place. Finally spring has srung here... the crocus are in bloom all over Oly, and I feel as though the world has given me a devine gift of sanity again. Winter is such a cold dark place. The man in my life (from now on refered to as "the man") is becoming more and more a huge part of my conscienceness... the beauty and trials of life are defined in part by if he can help me cope or enjoy them. I love the fact that he is such a part of me, and in that dependece I am partially afraid of loosing him, or feeling far apart again. And not being willing to passify him when I feel my ideals are challanged is something that I am fighting with myself over. My children are consistant joy. I am a much better mother in the spring, summer, and fall than when I am fighting a depressing winter. Beauty is eminating in my world. As is chaos... but today just beauty. I refuse to be pulled down by reality on such a beautiful day.

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