Tuesday, August 9, 2005


I am SO thrilled with these new batiks! Heather figured out that using mostly bees wax comes off better when you boil it, so with that, I made my first batiks with new shirts. They turned out beautiful!

We have all been working on new designs lately. Some of them are really neat! And some of them, well, didn't turn out so well. I got a book from my dad on symbols, and we have been looking through there and marking the symbols we think would make good batiks. Then we just wax them out!

And here is one I made just for Cyan. She loves it... but she doesn't love the camera so much today... so the back is the only pic I got. It has the best design on it anyhow. ;)



Katie said...

You need to make clothing again! Start an etsy shop lady! JH needs cool clothing like this :) Think I can convince Pete to move across the country!?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh wouldn't I love it if you would move across the country to sew with me. ;) So much... You'd be well fed. Promise!

I have thought about making clothes again. I really have... but at this point, the overhead is a lot (cuz mostly I'd be starting over), I don't own a coverstitch machine, and my serger is broken. That along with two kids and enough food preservation to keep me going for a year... and I think I'll have to pass. At least for a little while.

Love Val

PS The washclothes sound perfect! I can't wait to see them. I am horrid about getting things in the mail (like really bad, another reason why I don't sell clothes) and so your package is still sitting next to me on the desk. Sigh... but it will be to you sometime before the first frost.

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