Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Crayon Roll Sew-A-Long

You need a regular size sheet of felt (8X11 I think), and two cuts of quilters cotton of the same size. Along with two strips of interior fabric cut at 12X2 inches... (for the bais ties).

First you iron and starch both interior peices and the bias. Fold one peice of interior fabric down 3/4 of the way, starch and iron.

Fold the bias in half, then fold the halves in on themselves making the bias.

Then you pin the interior peices together, with the raw edges at the bottom, and the folded edge in the middle of the sheets.

You sew the two peices together, starting just under where the pocket lies and backstitching above the pocket and then back down to complete the seam. This makes the first stitch ON the pocket and not at the stress point.

Once you have done that on both sides, measure and mark the center line of the two seams you have already made.

Mark and sew rows to both sides of the center mark, in the middle of the center seam and the side seams.

Then do the same by marking and sewing seams in the middle of each of the already finished seams.

Repeat until you have 8 pockets.

Sew bias up, turning the edges in and stitching up the open side.

Once all the seams are done, lay the felt peice flat and lay the bias about 1/2 way up along both sides so that when you turn the roll the handles will be on either side.

Lay the pocket peice on top, pocket side towards the felt and pin in place.

Sew up the sides, top and bottom leaving a space on the bottom for turning. Try to go right along the outside seams so that the center mark is in the center of hte roll when you turn it. If your kids are anything like mine, double back a few times over the bais handles... it keeps them in place better and the whole thing lasts longer.

Turn the roll right side out, pin and sew across the bottom.

Add pencils and a Mad Lib or other similar sized book and your DONE!


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