Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Paint and Show

This is a drastic change for us. We have wanted to do this since we moved in. I bought the paint in March thinking that with all of the time I would have in the evenings when Don was in academy I would paint. I sewed, I gardened, Spring Break was here, Don broke his toe, etc... I never got to painting. So today I decided I would do the whole damned thing. I started taping this morning and just didn't stop until it was done.
It feels SO good now.
So here are my befores... just looking at them makes me happy with how nice this change is for our house! The salmon color, although a color I like, is not a paint I would have chosen, ever. It didn't match our color scheme on anything when we moved in and it took me forever to match things in here. I am not a theme type person even... just things that were in the same tones (ie earth tones, bold tones, classic tones, etc) were hard with this bright and flamboyant color.
So here is before #1:
Before #2:Before #3:
Here is a pic of during.
I was worried... I have to admit. Even though the purple is a less drastic color than the samlon, it is still pretty intense. And here is after it is finished:
After #2:

After #3, along with new pictures and a clean table. lol...:

Close up of the new light switch cover I made for that wall:

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simply patti said...

I love that lightswitch!!!!!

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