Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Dwarf Beans... NOT!

These babies were sold to me as "dwarf beans". On the package it said they would get to be about 4 ft high. I made trellis acordingly and set them up around the bottom. The week I pulled out my peas for a second crop I realised that there was no way these were going to stay on the trellis... the two weeks they grew to around 9ft tall... and now they are over 12ft. These were sold to me on false pretenses!! They are in NO way "dwarf" beans. lol... I don't mind, but I sure wasn't prepared.
Here is the orginal trellis... see the peas to the left and the bean trellis to the right. The beans are barely coming up in this picture.

And this is two months later: Cyan is over 4ft tall... You cant even SEE the orginal trellis it is SO burried! I had to move the pea trellis (when I pulled out the peas of course) over to the beans so that they still had somewhere to go. They were not contented to just continue to go up. They were falling over and attacking the fence.
This is 9 ft up and still growing...
Here they are traveling over to the fence that is over 3 ft away...


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