Wednesday, August 9, 2006

My first food blog posts... lol...

I have always had strange feelings about posting pictures I take of food. But then I saw these two beautiful blogs and decided that pictures of food could be included with not only no guilt... but some serious class as well. lol...
Cyan's 5th birthday party cupcakes. They were yellow cake, with cream cheese frosting mixed with melted chocolate at Cyan's request. Then she went out and picked all of these etable flowers to decorate the top. Everyone was very impressed at the camp where she spent her birthday. And she was THILLED when she came home that we had a few more. :D

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Laurie said...

Thats funny that you should mention that you could post them without guilt. I have felt the same way at times. Will people care I don't always use organic foods, or that I eat meat? I just decided that I would do what I do!

I love those cupcase! So pretty (and I'm sure they taste good too!).

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