Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yep... I'm a little nuts. :D

I have been getting apples from my dads tree, and yesterday I got probobly about 45lbs of them, 12 of which I pawned off on Sarah, which worked out great, because I nearly forgot I ordered those three boxes of free stone canning peaches from the guy at the farmers market which I needed to pick up today. So now I have ungodly amounts of fruit in my house, and all waiting to be made into something to can. THREE BOXES OF PEACHES people... along with what would consist of 7 boxes of apples. I am just a little bit crazy. Just a tad. LOL!

Two good things... #1, most of these apples were picked off the tree, which means they will last if I need them too, but for all intents they are perfect for canning right this second. and #2 the peaches need to sit in a warm room for the next three days until they are ready, giving me time to finish the applesauce before the peaches are even ripe much less 'over' ripe. So although I am terribly busy, pregnant, and a little crazy... what I am trying to do is at least DO-ABLE. lol...

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Anonymous said...

Once I have done the same when we were having a trip to our farm house. I took off so many apples and everyone was arguing with me to eat all those apples all by myself at once.

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