Friday, August 11, 2006

You would think that with the way...

I am posting on here lately that I have nothing else that I am doing but making and taking pictures of food to blog about. But on the contrary, I blanched 10lbs of Roma and Green beans today, bagged them and put them in the freezer, I also made two batches of Applesauce one of which is now canned and on my shelf. I went and to my CSA stand (Comunity Supported Agriculture) at the local farmers market and saw a friend we visited and I covered for her so she could use the bathroom and whatnot. I checked on the Free Stone Canning Peaches I have been waiting to ripen.... so actually, aside from taking tons of pictures, today was a productive day.

I decided that I would wait until next week to get peaches... or at least Sunday. I have about 7lbs of beans left to top, blanch, and bag, and I have two 10lb bags of apples to core and make into sauce tomorrow. I think I have enough to do. lol... I am really tired tonight, but for the first time in a long while (at least since I have been pregnant) I feel really productive. I love that. It makes me staying at home really make sense when I am saving money left and right and storing for winter, etc. This is my job... and I love it.


Laurie said...

Oh girl! You ARE productive! I've done some canning, but honestly it hasn't been too much. I need to really work on my garden next year...

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I think I finally got that second trimester burst of energy. I was waiting for it, and I still need to nap in the afternoon when Cyan does, but besides that I actually feel GOOD for about 1/2 the day which has been unheard of since April... so this is a good thing.

I finished the beans today (the other 7lbs of them) and did another batch of applesauce which I am going to can with batch #4 tomorrow. My dad brought me 25# more apples... yikes. At least I have all my stuff out already right? lol!


PS I am a VERY high energy person. My son and big brother are ADHD and it is pretty clear that I am close. Not having energy has been really hard on me through this pregnancy becuase I am SO used to having TONS of it. YK?

Katie said...

Just stumbled onto your blog, I love it! Very inspiring.

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