Friday, September 8, 2006

After school snack

As much as I love dinners, I am a snacker at heart. Ask any one who knows me in real life, I rarely stop snakcing on something, but I never eat a lot at a time. I probobly eat less than most poeple, I just eat it through out the day. My snacks vary widely. I go through really wonderfully healthy phases, where I crave things like fresh tomato salads and spinich smoothies, and then I have my days where I crave my less than completely healthy stuff, like sharp white chedder and Tims Jalapino Chips. lol...

Today it was Hummus. I saw Laurie's hummus post a week ago or so and have been thinking about it since, and what did I find the pantry last night while looking for chili beans? Two cans of organic chick peas. Ahhh... sweet heaven! I made a double batch of the stuff, and put half in the fridge, and then added feta cheese and spinich to the other along with a couple garden cherry tomatos and we had the after school snack from heaven!

All of this with fresh carrot sticks from the CSA picked this morning. Can't get much better than that.


Renee said...

I loooooove hummus! I haven't made it in forever because Levi totally freaks out when I run the food processor. It is really loud. I wonder if they all are? I've been toying with the idea of trying to make it with a potato masher... I wonder how it is traditionally made?
Your snack looks wonderful, at any rate. And so healthy for a mama growing a wee one! :o)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I don't know about all of them... but my food processer is also VERY loud. The babe actually jumped yesterday from noises. It is pretty sweet at this stage. I don't have a back ache yet, but I am not throwing up much any more.... good stuff. :)

Hummus also works in a blender if you wanted to do a smaller batch. I don't know that the noise would be much better, but it may be worth the risk. ;)


Laurie said...

Hmmm...I guess my food processor is not too terribly loud. I think its a little quieter than my blender.

So did you blend in the feta, spinach and tomatoes, or did you eat it with them. I've never eaten feta with it. I bet it was good!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I just added them into the FP when the first set was done and then blended for a while. If I had it to do again I would have added the tomatos first and THEN the spinich and the feta because they were a little TOO blended. The flavors mesh really well, but I like a tiny bit of green in mine usually. But the tomatos were an afterthought and they took a while to settle into the mix.


Unknown said...

Sounds really yummy! I need to remember to make that someday.

....I say as I just finished a scrumptious morsel of Noir Framoise Chocolate I got in Belgium. Oh the sweet decadence. (mind you the kids are at school and I am indulging in some well earned moon treats.)

Its apple season here again. Picking starts tomorrow! It is a real sweet anniversary for us. Not to mention yummy!


Val in the Rose Garden said...

HI Katie! I am glad you found me!! :D

Cyan started school here today. I am a little down, and wanting to go get her, but she will be angry if I don't let her come home on the bus. lol... Such an independent little thing I keep feeling like I need to hold her close because she wants to go away so hard. *sigh*


wendybirde said...

Wow that looks good! I've been looking for a good hummus recipe : )

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