Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cutest Little Thief

I went out side because the tiny, happy birds were freaking out in the sunflowers when I went to pick beans for dinner. I thought I would get a few pictures of them. I saw this little guy on my fence and snapped quick shot of him before making my way to the sunflower bed.

I went around the fence (into my neighbors front yard) to take some pics of the multi colored flowers (because the birds were now gone ) and out he comes... RUNNING down the fence.

What does he have?

A WHOLE sunflower head! lol! Obviously complete with tasty seeds.

He stops about 20 ft down the fence and starts munching away.

Cute little thief isn't he?


1 comment

Laurie said...

ROFL! He is a cute little thief indeed! Yummy sunflower seeds!

We were just at our vacant rent house. The previous tenant had planted sunflowers and they were all dried. The kids were so excited to see sunflower seeds. We need to plant some in our yard next year.

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