Monday, September 11, 2006

First day of school

I have a knot in my stomach. My baby girl started school today. She got on the bus and everything. I know I shouldnt feel sad... but I do. I had tons planned today to keep my mind off of things but I am sitting here... feeling it. The child that uses my body as an apartment constantly reminds me that I am not alone. lol... Soon I will have him and Cyan will be used to school (and me used to her going) and it won't hurt anymore. But today I have had to hold back my instincts to go to her school just to make sure she was ok. Alex was home with me for Kindergarten... so this is all new to me. So big... why do they have to get so big?

Ok... getting off the computer and going and planting my winter peas and kale now.


Renee said...

Oh Val. (((Hugs))) mama.

Renee said...

Oh Val. (((Hugs))) mama.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks Renee... I did end up going to her school... she seemed fine, but her teacher had nothing good to say... which makes me feel really frusterated. You should always (as a former teacher myself) say the good with the "things to work on" and I am pretty sure that "didn't do too well with having to wait for my attention" and "Couldn't find the right time to raise her hand" are pretty damned common on the FIRST day of kindergarten. Grr... she just made me mad. Next time I will remember this and if she starts on the negitive rampage I will ask her point blank "so did she do anything RIGHT today?" in the snotiest tone I can muster. Someone needs to tell her... becuase if I was a first time parent I may have even gotten my kid in trouble becuase all I heard was negitive stuff.... you know?

Anyway. I just have a hard time with public school anyway. I wish there was a way she could stay home with me, but #1 she wouldn't have it, and #2, with the baby coming and Don looking at 4 - 6 months being gone, I couldn't do her justice. I just couldn't.


I got some more awesome garden pictures taken though. ;)


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