The Phoenix

I call this Goddess Pie. That sounds kind of kinky... but how can you cook for 7 hours off and on AFTER cleaning two freezers and not have some goddessness to show for it? Blueberry/Rasberry with just enough sugar to make it super yummy... and yes, that is bought pie crust. I am a goddess, I am not crazy.


radicalshift said...

imf'ng! looks so good i could eat it.

Val said...

If you come to game night tonight, I will let Don know he can send the rest of the one we had tonight home with you. *smooch*


Lakshmi said...

yum!!!!! I want some! ;)

Val said...

Well Kimberly, if you were closer you know I would cut you a slice right now. :D


radicalshift said...

yum! it is sooo good goddess! thank you for thinking of me. love you gads!

M. said...

My gosh, that looks so tasty and beautiful!

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