Saturday, September 30, 2006

Simple Fare

If you haven't noticed... most of my food is very simple. Nearly all of it is from whole and fresh foods and there are VERY few recipes that I create that have more than 10 ingredients. I grew up grabbing things out of the garden and bringing them in for my mom to make into something. I remember falls where she would make a batch of applesauce for breakfast, straight off the tree or out of the basket that was picked the day before.... we got used to eating it warm. To this day, I can't eat applesauce straight from the fridge. More days than not, my little brother and I would go and collect the eggs from the chicken coop and we would eat them that day. Although it is not possible to feed my children eggs strait from the coop living in the middle of the city, I feel as though this is the best way to nourish my family (and I do get many of my eggs from a local farm). I aspire to eventually produce at least 50% of my food. To know what my family eats and enjoys so well that I can have my garden be as efficiant as my pantry has become over time. Running out of this just as we get more, (or sicken of them from overdose) and having the rituals of our lives based around what is coming and going from Mother Earth. As an Agnostic, there are not many things that I find divine. But the ability to get nourishment from seed planting and sunlight is one of them.

Many of the foods that I ate today came from our local farms or my garden. The cabbage and the dill I seasoned it with. The applesauce the kids had for snack. The potatos and leeks for the soup. The eggs, cilantro, and tomatos out of which I made a sandwich for breakfast. There is beauty there... Eating on a 100 mile diet, buying locally, and enjoying the bounty that is all around us this time of year. I find joy in knowing where my food came from, from the ground to the table.

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