Sunday, December 3, 2006

The Mother's Christmas Decor

The apple tree next door has NO leaves on it to speak of... but it still has tons of apples. Beautiful, red and orange apples. And just to add a touch of the festive... Mother Nature decided she would bring snow to top off these beauties.
Here is my garden, covered in snow. I mainly took these for Little's book, but I thought I would share. It is asleep. But still beautiful, in its own barren way.



Brie said...

The apples are breathtaking. Unfortunately we don't get snow.

radicalshift said...

thanks for your journaling. i love to see what you are putting together. i love you, and am hoping little is coming along well. peace, mama.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks you two... everything seems to be moving slow this time of year... it isn't just me. The posts are slow, none of us are posting much, the days go by slowly, with way too much to do, and it just seems like the world has closed down a bit for winter.

Thanks Erik... I love you too! I hear that you are pretty happy with all things and that is wonderful! I hope to see you soon. All is well here... there is a fat update on Lj. *smooch*


Katie said...
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Katie said...

What beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

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