Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Rosey feet and Rosey hands...

Ten tiny fingers that always want to play
That never stop exploring the wonder of today
Ten tiny fingers that from the very start
Will reach out for tomorrow, yet aways hold your heart.

Two tiny feet,
That wave in the air...
Two tiny hands,
That tug at your hair..
And an adorable little face,
A bundle of joy to love & embrace.

Someday I'll jump through puddles,
Take a stroll or run a race.
Someday I'll walk across the street,
Or maybe walk in space,
Someday I'll scale a mountain,
Or I'll join a ballet corps.
Someday I'll walk a tightrope,
Or explore the ocean floor.
Someday these feet will do some things,
That only heaven knows,
But for today they're happy
Just to wiggle all their toes.



Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

Lovely pictures, Val! He is amazing!

Brie said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful!

Laurie said...

Hey there Sweetie!!!

What a beautiful baby!!!

Sorry I've been MIA lately, just bein' lazy I guess. :)

You and your family look lovely!


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