Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sticks & Stones (And blooming peonies)

Take a walk through my yard with me.
Here is the produce garden with the new slate pathway (under construction). The teepee is for the tricolored beans I have in there (green, purple, and yellow wax) that are just about to pop through. I am all about colors this year... I have three colors of tomatoes, 4 colors of beans, and three varieties of sage... along with two colors of cucumbers, sunflowers, fennel, and chives. If variety is the spice of life, I am a hot pepper in the garden. ;) The rocks just make me happy... look how clean and nice the strawberry bed looks with the rocks next to it, and these are there from last year too. All I need to do is weed whack them every couple weeks. Easy...
New rocks put in place of ones that were too small in the herb garden. My 5 kinds of mint, lemon balm and oregano (both in the mint family) along with terragon, purple and green sage, and winter savory are in this corner... they are filling in so nicely! It looks wonderful. And will make great tea later this summer. :)
Here is the newest rocked garden. A lot of these came from a friends yard. It looks SO much nicer now that the rocks are there. I can't wait for the plants to fill in. I am getting some more peonies from my dads house this weekend to fill in this area... his are HUGE and pink with white centers. They also have a pretty maroon foliage... that will be a nice addition to that side of the yard.
Sweet peony face.



Katie said...

HOW BEAUTIFUL, can I come over? What an inspiring place you garden is....

Val in the Rose Garden said...

You are welcome anytime. :)


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