Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garden pictures

Gosh I love beans. I love the way they grow, their vines reaching for the sky as fast as they can. I love the way they taste too... I even love the the way the purple ones produce faster than the green and the way they turn green as they are cooked. Just love them! :)

I do, however, now understand why people plant in rows. It is terrible to reach behind and inside my bean teepee this year. I made it huge, like I always do, but with the sunflower house that I planted for the kids at the same time as I planted the beans, I thought that no one would need to get inside of my 12 ft tall bean teepee this year. So I would add that side to my planting area. I won't do it again. It is back breaking trying to get inside the teepee to get the beans from the center and the season is just starting! lol.... You really do learn new things every single year.

My purple and orange carrots. Just big enough for a stir fry along with my CSA peas tonight. YUM!

Cyan and I spent this week doing poineer stuff... one of those things was planting a winter garden. We planted swiss chard, more carrots, salad greens, romaine for head lettuce, beets for greens, and a whole large row of winter peas. It should be neat to see how her winter garden grows!



simply patti said...

I just said the "learning something new every year" thing to my dh. I will not use tomot cages next year. my plants grow too big and pull the darn things out of the ground. I im going to try wooden stakes, in a triangle, with twine wrapped around the plant. and my vining cheery tomatoes should have been trellised a fence; they are climbing everywhere! We grow with our gardens; don't we?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I did that last year!! And this year I did the triangle with the twine and I pruned my tomatoes which I haven't done like this before... and guess what... they are outgrowing that too! So I think if you want to do that, you have to have 7 ft stakes. Feisable? Do such a thing exsist? Or should we be chopping off the tops? I know that is the way to make a late crop all ripen at the same time.

Anyway... I am having a http://www.morsbags.com/ pod party called "Saving the world while eating chocolate" later this month and was thinking how cool it would be if I could invite you and Katie and Lauren. One of these days we will have to get together... but with the fact that none of us think flying for pleasure is a great pasttime... it may be a while. ;)

Love Val

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