Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lunch Obsessed

In the spirit of the last week of school I was really ready for sorting out lunch stuff, and finding new stuff for next year when I will have two who need to take a lunch every day. So this was timely and perfect for me. Slowly but surely, with many interruptions from my teething sweetling, I am getting all of their stuff cut out and put together.

They will each have two bags, one for their bento boxes and one for their sandwich wraps and PUL treat bags. It is shaping up to be a fun way to do lunch!

This is Cyan's lunch/sandwich bag:

Little details make this bag extra nice. It is fully lined with waterproof PUL, and has a bias top. It secures with Aplix Velcro tape and has a pocket for notes, should I need to tell her something, or just let her know I was thinking about her. I love it honestly... even more now as she has used it for the past three days to go on "picnics" in the backyard.

To make these sandwich wrap and place mats was my friend Sarah's idea... and it works perfectly! For the last two days Cyan has put everything from her breakfast croissant to her PB&J's in it and it has done it's job beautifully. I am really excited and already have 4 done (two for Alex in a red car print and two in this plaid for Cyan that coordinates with her bag) and 4 more cut out (again, 2 for each of the two kids).

More to come. I have been sewing a lot lately...



Katie said...

How wonderful...I am sure you will have a lot of people asking to buy those (me included!) how cute...DH and I are looking into getting bento boxes to promote healthier eating, isn't it a great system?
I can't wait to see your other sewing projects.

Appetite for Instruction said...

I really want one of those lunch boxes. They are too cute for words.

Brie said...

I looked at this yesterday and it inspired me! I was leaving a comment and the power went out(we've had rain since May 23rd without a day off) so I went to drag out sewing things. Power came back on and I was ready...but had forgotten I have a broken needle in the sewing machine. I will get back to it soon.
In the meantime I will keep looking at the beautiful creations you have made!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Brie, you don't have a stash of needles? I have like a million for my three machines. lol! Thank you all for the kind words. I am about to turn on a good movie and sew my little heart out. Don is off on a task force to find an abducted little girl in his city. :( Trying not to worry about her and her poor mother... Keeping my mind off of it is harder than it may seem. I am just so glad that Don is out there helping... it's so sad.


S said...

oh Val these are wonderful!! You wouldn't be up for a tuturial on Sewing Mama's would you? I've been wanting to make these for a few years now. I LOVE that fabric too, I think I saw this at JoAnne's in the home decorator fabric section? Very very nice!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Sarah, I am planning on making a Sewalong at sewing mamas... but this week we have IL's here, Don is working overtime for this task force thing, and the kids birthday is next week. (Yep, both of them)... So it may be a couple weeks... is that ok?


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