Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trying something new...

For the next 6 weeks, Cyan and I are trying homeschool. She doesn't start school until the 5th of Sept, and Alex is gone until the 28th of August so the next 5 weeks should be easy. This week is Pioneer week. Today we are making hot crossed buns (the old fashioned way) and making a patch work quilt for her dolls (with a machine, so the new age way, which will be featured on her blog when she is done... she is very proud!). She is loving it so far!

It has been far easier than I thought to incorporate lessons into these daily tasks. Math in measuring, reading also in the cooking, talking about plants when planning our winter garden, and colors and how they work together in making the quilt. It has been a good two days. Not sure when I will bring in books, I have three more lesson weeks planned out, some with dittos and some book learning as well... but I gave the 'pioneer week' a couple weeks just in case it took off like it has.

By the first of school we will see if it is something we can do for a longer period of time... like a year. Either way, she will benifit from the lessons this summer.

And we are having loads of fun. :)


Katie said...

Val, that sounds so fun, hope you share some of your lesson plans, can't wait to see the finished doll quilt!

Brie said...

How's it going now? I hope great=)

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