Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bean Harvest Day... I'm a mama.

I went out to harvest the beans this morning. I got a box of green beans from my local organic farm yesterday and was planning on blanching my beans and the case of beans from them together for freezing. Logan is sick however... he has a nasty cold. So him being away from me, even for a few minutes, just isn't acceptable to him today. So he came with me.

And so did Cyan... who was a big help in getting the beans out from the center of the bean teepee. She actually fit. lol...

Logan really enjoyed cutting that new top tooth on a fresh, organic, strait-from-the-vine green bean. He isn't a fan of them blended, he only likes baby food made from fruit. All savory things he has tried in baby food form he has hated. Even simple things, like peas and beans he spits out and makes a face like I just fed him a lemon (strangly, he ate a whole lemon peice out of my water at a restruant just two weeks ago, but blended beans make him shudder. lol!) He is a "real food" man.

My sweet teether.



KnitMoka said...

So sweet!

simply patti said...

I love your pictures!

Katie said...

Beautiful pictures, Logan & Cyan are so sweet! Glad you managed to get out in the garden with your fussy guy....and I hope he is feeling better today!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

He is doing better today, but he is still not 100%. Thank god for weekends. Last week was long, but I can't even think what the last three days would have been if Don had not been available. Poor Don... now he is sick. But we have all gotten more rest now. Logan is horse, but doing well, and recovering. Constantly wants to eat. Always a good sign. Cyan is bored, and misses Alex terribly... I miss him too. Only 2 more weeks.

I just adore my kids.


Dannielle said...

Your kiddos are just adorable!

And your garden...a lush paradise, I tell ya!

Your blog has a way of making me hungry lol!

Dawn D. Lion said...

So so sweet!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

You guys are sweet! Thanks for the comments... I love comments. ;)


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