Friday, August 31, 2007

Uncrustables... Val Style

So a friend of mine buys these Uncustable Sandwiches. Her kids just love them and mine comment on them every time we eat lunch with them. I actually had this gadget in my drawer for months. I bought it after seeing it used, thought it was so cool! Fast forward 5 months or so, and I have used it once. lol... I am not a gadget person. But today, I lined up 3 loaves of bread (the crusts of which will be fed to the chickens and the local ducks) and made a gallon sized bag of PB&J and Turkey and Cheese "uncrustables" for my kids start of school. They fit perfect in the sandwich wraps I made a few weeks back and Cyan will love using them for our outings as much as Alex will love taking them to school.

This one is a PB&J with whole wheat bread, organic strawberry jam, and Adams all natural peanut butter. My only regret is that good bread, you know, the kind that has seeds and nuts in it, won't seal very well. But if that is my only regret about my kids school packed lunch, I think I am doing alright. :)



Anonymous said...

So did you freeze these after making?

Unknown said...

Awesome!! My handmade bread doesn't seal as well either but my children LOVE things like this.
So did you post a picture of the sandwich wraps you made? I wanna see!!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Misty, yes... I freeze them in a gallon zip lock made for freezing. :)

Tracey, here is a link to the sew and show of the sandwich wraps. :)

Brie said...

Oh wow these are so neat! We finally broke down and bought a box of the uncrustables a few weeks ago...and nobody liked them so making our own would be perfect.
I am totally a gadget person...but have never seen something that would do this!

Alex, or Cyan, or Logan said...

It's really cool and only $9. :D I thought it was totally worth it. And I am sure I will use it all the time this school year... bad bread or not... lol!


Anonymous said...

I must still be signed in to the kids blog. LOL! It is me... Val.

Katie said...

What a creative idea!!

Anonymous said... do you pronounce Cyan? Is it Keean? Kee-uhn? It is such a pretty name, but I am unsure about the pronunciation...
Love the music on your site
Kate Talley

Val in the Rose Garden said...

It rymes with Ryan. :) With an "S" sound at the front. Many people pronounce if 'Si-Anne', but it was given to her as 'Si-en'.

Thanks for the great comments. :D


Lizz said...

I'm glad to have found your blog Val. It's lovely!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

****Ok, so the meat and cheese ones don't hold up unless they stay really cold. Just a warning to all of those out there who are wanting to copy my idea. lol... Alex had a real issue with them the other day and ended up going and getting a PB&J one... so I think the meat and cheese ones will have to be made fresh if I want to send them with him.


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