Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harvest Moon

Cyan and I planned a Harvest Moon party this year.

We had our closest friends over, sat around the fire, drank hot cider, and read Hello, Harvest Moon by Ralph Fletcher by the moonlight. It was wonderful! And this morning, I wake to see that my friend Shalena had taken this stunning picture of the moon as it hung over our party and we howled and laughed and drank cider around the fire.

The beauty of the night was pretty spectacular. All day, I was thinking that we would end up sitting in the house with all the gloom outside and the wet dampness of the day. Just around 4pm the sky cleared completely, and it opened up with this brilliant blue that I haven't seen in weeks. Nothing by wispy clouds stayed behind as our Harvest Moon this year rose in the sky. But because of the clouds insulation throughout the day, it wasn't bitter cold on this night... But beautiful, just beautiful!

I love sharing moments like that with my children and my friends.



Dawn D. Lion said...

Wow, how great. I wanna come to your next party, sounds like you guys really do it right! And beautiful pic.

Ter said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I do so wish I had more opportunity to do things like that.

Beautiful photo. I love photos. One of these days I'm going to learn how to watermark my photos so I can share them.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thank you guys...

I think the dedication to doing stuff like this is my life. I want my children to be filled with memories of doing things like this in our backyard. To remember each and every house by the rituals we observed there. These are a lot of the memories I have when I was really little.... when life was still good. It was important. I keep thinking that if my children don't have the trauma that I had as a preteen and teen that these memories would save them from a lot of forlorn thoughts, a lot of brokenhearts, and childhood letdowns. My mom didn't do the stuff I do... but she did similar stuff... lovely stuff. Beautiful stuff... and the life I had made me happy for a lot longer than it seems it should have.

Call me Polyanna, but this outlook on the world, and on life in general really saves a wounded soul.


Katie said...

Such a great tradition to start!! What a beautiful picture!!

S said...

gorgeous! We missed seeing her (the harvest moon) this year. Your party sounds perfect!

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