Monday, October 1, 2007

Our first eggs in French toast

Cyan, Alex, and I decided to make French Toast with our first eggs from our chickens. It was really neat to see the difference between our eggs and store bought eggs. And these eggs aren't even full size yet! They were more dense, had a ton more color, and were just more nutritious looking. lol...

You can see the difference here in the bowl... the top three are ours and the bottom three are store bought eggs.

And here is our yummy French Toast as it was cooking.

The kids loved it and were so excited! And it was good too.


Anonymous said...

I just wandered over here from the MaryJane Farmgirl (chat threads) and haven't been on your blog for more than just a minute (a quick read and save to favorites is all i have time for) but wanted you to know that those deep rich colored eggs you've got are how they're supposed to be - no matter how old the chicken! I too have a picture of a bowl of 3 natural eggs and 3 store-bought...and the contrast is shocking. Makes you wonder what the nutritional content REALLY is in those eggs, and I also can't help wondering how terriby boring the diet must be for those store-producing chickens.
Good luck in your farm adventures, and thanks for sharing it all - it means a lot to us farmgirl wannabees!!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Isn't that amazing?! Thanks for dropping by! It does really make you think those poor chickens. They must never get anything but scratch. We have three more in the fridge right now that the kids and I will cook up this weekend with our CSA stuffs.

Thanks for finding me... I enjoy new friends. I will check out your space soon too. :D


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Illoura... how do you pronounce your name? Elora is my daughters middle name and I always found the name stunning in it's beauty. Yours is similar and I just think it is beautiful!


S said...

Val your eggs are likely higher in Omega 3's which might account for the color? Just guessing, I notice the Organic egss we get are darker in color and taste creamier or something. I can definately notice it. We are getting ready to move (another rental) but with a huge backyard and our neighbor (who is also the landlord) lives next door and is a farmer with a big corn field. I am hoping we can get some chickens too! I'll have to come to you for some chicken advice if that happens. We had rhode island reds as children but I don't remember much about what they need.

Dawn D. Lion said...

I remember reading Barbara Kingsolver talking about the pride in her daughter's face when she collected their first eggs, shouting, "I've got breakfast!" I see it in your daughter's face, too.

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