Thursday, November 29, 2007

Newest Crafty Stuff

Two days ago, a link of a link of a friend sent me to this site. The site is full of neat stuff to do. I picked the advent calendar for this week. And finished it this morning.

I am so enjoying this crafty time I have gotten in the last couple days. You will be seeing lots of craft and shows from me in the next week. I am getting things done. Mainly because I moved my entire sewing operation out of my cold garage (never got above 40* yesterday) and into the middle of the living room. Between that, a baby who gets into everything, and a backed up pile of laundry, the house is THRASHED. But man... am I having fun.

Another thing I have been making is bibs. I don't have snaps on these yet, and this is an AWFUL picture, but still, you get the idea. Undone edges seem to be my "thing" right now.

I also have three quilts in the works. *glee*
(Yes, this means I am getting more sleep for all of you who have seen the drama on my journal.)

You see this boy? The one who wears the cute bibs? Yeah, he was totally impressed.

Like, so impressed, he nearly fell over. LOL!



Katie said...

Great work Val, OMG Logan is so cute, I love the expression on his face!! What a doll. I am looking forward to see all of your sewing!!
You never cease to amaze me with how your creativity manifests itself :)

Katie said...

PS- the bib is beyond adorable!

Grand Forks Mommy said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am a stalker of your blog. Love the advent calender and bib!! I'm thinking I'm going to have to make one. Oh, and love the music. I heard the cherry tree song once and didn't know where to find it, now i do!! Blessings!

Unknown said...

gorgeous and what a cutie pie!

I was once a non-finisher of things. Don't know why... perhaps just didn't *want* to be finished but I am over that now! ;). Not enough room in the craft room for UFO's!

Brie said...

Logan is just precious! How funny he loved it so much=)
The bib is great! I would love to do an advent calendar but I have another project I am going to finish first=)

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