Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am a little bit heartbroken at this moment. My friend Tawnya lost her battle with cancer. She is a huge part of the two online groups I am part of... Her son Ben (the little one) was due the same week as Logan and we talked on our expecting board the whole time we were pregnant. Shared belly pictures. The group of us that were pg last winter were pretty tight. She had to have him very early due to finding her cancer was back last Nov, and I prayed that it would be a simple something... It wasn't. She fought so hard. They found it then in her knee. And then slowly, it started to take over. I have never seen a stronger fighter. She was so amazing. She did everything for these three boys. Her sweet boys.... oh god.


Ter said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. May her boys grow up strong and remember their mom for all she represented.


Lizz said...

Small children without a Mama is very sad indeed. Cancer steals women. I've lost several in my own life-a grandmother I never knew. So sad.

Katie said...

Val, I am so sorry for your loss, my heart & prayers go out to her family.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

It's funny, because online friendships are really strange. I know next to nothing about them, except for her and Ben. I want to write him a note, but I don't know him. It isn't like a IRL friend ship where I would know the husband and be able to give my sympathies to them and have them mean something... He wouldn't even really know my name, much less what I look like or anything like that... and yet, my heart is hurting for him. And for his boys. I couldn't imagine. She wasn't that much older than me... my sisters age. That is just scary to me... on some days it terrifies me to the core, and on other days it really makes me think how lucky I am and I live the day fuller because of her and the memory of the fight she put up, and the life she held. The last conversation I had with her, she dropped that she really wanted great pictures of her and the boys because she didn't think she would be here next year. She knew it was coming... sweet mama. She knew.


Quinn said...

My heart aches for my family. I have dreamed about Tawnya and her boys twice since she died.

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