Monday, January 14, 2008

Busy Busy Bees

We have been busy. Don is home (since the 5th, and until the 21st) for vacation. We have been trying to do the best we can to fit again in this little (900 sq ft) house. Currently, we are moving every one around. lol... Logan and Cyan are moving into the large room (which is Alex's right now) Alex is moving into Cyan's smaller room. But since Cyan's room was painted bright purple with little butterflies all over it when we moved her in it, it had to be changed. So now both big kids are camped in the big bedroom and Logan is still with us, while the third room is under construction. We are hoping it will be a nice arrangment, because this will, no doubt, be the last time we move everything around in this house (that is, with out moving out of this house).

I appriciate your patience. :) Soon my world will be back to normal, as will my blog. I have been reading a good deal (Don and I really like to sit and rub each other's feet while reading on the couch after the kids go to bed) and I have two new books to share in the book reviews. It has been a wonderful, although busy, couple of weeks. I am ready for the world to get back to normal... but I am also excited for a couple new set ups that will make life easier (namely, Logan being able to sleep somewhere else for at least a little bit of time.)

Other news will be bulleted for ease:

* Logan has given up everything (all forms of communication have been reduced to screaching) for walking, but man he is cute toddling around!

*Cyan is reading. And her math is really taking off. That is exciting... we also just joined a second homeschool group to add some other kids into our days. This should help with the social aspect, which is our only trouble these days.

*Alex is recovering from surgury on his arm. He got a something removed. We get it back from the pathologist sometime today or tomorrow. They doubt it is anything, but I am anxious all the same.

*Don is loving having time off, although he is really enjoying pointing out every traffic infraction he can while we are driving. This gets annoying.

Much love to you bloggers!

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