Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nisqually Valley Wildlife Refuge, and a visitor

Every week, I try to throw a little excietment into our school work with a small field trip. Last week we went to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. There were hundreds of birds there, of every type, but mostly Canada Geese. We have seen tons of these lately in our vacation travels.

Cyan loves the geese. We have the movie "Fly Away Home" which is a really wonderful movie about a little girl who adopts a set of Canada Geese and then flies with them to their migration habitat 1700 miles from home. Cyan loves this movie, and she got it for Christmas. The geese sightings have been very timely, and just peeked her interested even more.

My MIL sent a little project to Cyan for this week. This little pink dog tucked under Cyan's arm is named SnowSweet. SnowSweet is traveling around the country. She lives in Georgia with her owner Kendell. Kendell will get her back after April 30th and see where she went. I think the project is so amazingly cool that I am planning on having Cyan send out a little friend at the begining of next year. So far SnowSweet has come through the car wash with us, to Alex's school program, to the Wildlife Refuge, to Cyan's homeschool winter party, eaten food with our huge cat Taio, and collected eggs with Cyan. (She is only here for a week.) We wrote in her journal today, and are sending her to Cyan's friend in WI so she can share in the fun. It has been a fun little project.

My life has been taken over by how busy we are at the moment. I am trying really hard to get all my projects done so I can move my sewing area back into the garage and take a break from sewing. The kids are moved in their new rooms, and some tweaking needs to be done, but they are getting settled. Logan has a cold and is getting 6 teeth at the same time... poor sweet baby... and so he is grumpy and pretty much hate it when I am on the computer. I am entering a time of few and far between updates. I am hoping that everything picks up again with the spring.


Growing in the Green said...

Hello beautiful mama. I need to add you to my list:)

Katie said...

I love that idea with Snowsweet, that is a great idea, having always worked with kids....I just know that would be so fun and exciting, maybe I can have my nieces take part in it if you plan something next year!
Hoping you get all that you need to done, and that you can take a break from your sewing, I am so excited for the quilt! :)

erika~ the inspired mama said...

awww, looks like snowsweet has had fun! what a great idea~ we may have to do something like this too! my 4.5 year old would LOVE it!! :)

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