Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring is springing!

These are two sets of early spring flowers from the front of the house. Aren't they stunning? I love early spring flowers. They really bring a beauty to a time of the year that is usually nothing but drudgery and impatience to get on with it... to plant, to be outside, for the sun to come back out... just impatience... but with these sweet little flowers, they are able to tone that down a bit. Show that there is more going on within our mother than just the last frosty mornings.

This little man is 13 months old. Isn't he a doll!?!

He is adoring the drier weather. Every single day when I get done with my email in the morning and start Cyan on her school work, he brings me a shoe, and yells at me to go outside. Yes the yelling is back. Full force. BUT, it is tempered a bit with some "mama"s and some "uk (look) itty! (kitty)"s, and lots of "Huh?".

He is adorable. Sometimes too much so. Cyan and Alex are also in great phases right now. The types of phases that make me do unreasonable things, like sign them up for dance lessons (becuase I really NEED to be more of a taxi service) or say yes to 6th grade camp. lol... but they are happy, doing wonderfully, and I couldn't be happier with them.

"What do you mean I am in the flower bed?? Shoes? Why would I need those?"



Bee Haven Bev said...

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