Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Homeschool Blogs

Because what I needed was MORE to do. LOL... but I have to admit to really being inspired with the new homeschool blogs I have been keeping my eye on (if you want to see them, they are listed to the right under "homeschool"). One blog with great ideas, leads to another blog with great ideas, that leads to a blog with ideas that I absolutly HAVE to have in my school week... and well... you get the idea.

One of the best ideas I have found so far is the Green Hour Challange, which we will be adding to our Ecojournal days. This was found by going to Mom Is Teaching, which by herself, she has worlds full of great ideas and stories, and most of all, information.

Currently, our homeschool schedule is starting to be a bit full. Next year, with Alex home as well, will be even more full. And trying to find ways to implement studies that fit both children will be a challange... but one I am looking forward to.

The types of studies that Cyan and I are doing now, especially the nature studies, will be easy to add Alex into. And he also needs a refresher in things like phonics and spelling, but that is about where the similarities of the two grades will end.

I will have my work cut out for me... but I think it will be wonderful.

And why is it that creative videos make me think homeschoolers? It feels like there can't be that much creativity an institution. Just for a whole lot of fun, here are two perfect examples:



Brie said...

I love looking up lessons for homeschooling...I actually have to set a timer so I don't end up online too long though=)

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, lots of time researching and sometimes not getting any of those great ideas implemented! Unschooling is such a blessing and everything becomes a lesson. Life is such a great "school"!

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