Saturday, March 22, 2008

March 22nd to March 29th

We spent the morning at an Easter egg hunt at Lattin's. (Did I mention we have been there a ton lately? The baby goats are OH so cute, and now they have bunnies, and chicks... it is just getting cuter!)

There was face painting, a rubber ducky race, the egg hunt, carnival food, and a live Easter bunny. It was so cute! And so crazy full! There were people packed in that place, every inch of the farm was covered with people. The Easter egg hunt was nuts! They had 4 different sections split by age... and three of them were for 6 and under. So you can imagine how crazy the 7 'and over' section was (in their credit, it was also the biggest). Cyan was in the 5 - 6 yr old section, and that was crazy enough for me.

Poor sweet Alex is sick. He doesn't have any symptoms except a fever. A fever that he has had for three days now. His eyes are starting to glaze over... poor sweet guy.

Easter brunch is at my house this year. I really enjoy doing Easter morning becuase I like the egg hunt. :) My backyard is always speckled with eggs, scattered in the back yard with the fresh new grass... like colorful flowers. I have been cooping the poor chickens for the last week because I didn't want a ton of poo in the yard. They are not too thrilled with this.

Easter Brunch Menu

Crepes with berry topping

Strawberry Salad

Scrambled Eggs


Coffee (french press... yum!)

Pastries (from Dad)

Juice (from Dad)

Below is a picture of the Lattin's big kids (7 and over) section. This is a small bit of it. Isn't it beautiful?

I have also been working really hard on making menus and sticking to them. For the last month I have been part of Kitchen Muse menu planner. But it just doesn't work out for our family. The food is seasonal, and most of it is really good, but many things (like asparagus pasta stir fry and baked lemon salmon) are things we just don't eat. So I have made a list of things we eat regularly, and I have picked 5 for each week. We always have pizza and a movie on Friday night... sometimes it is bought pizza but most of the time, we make it ourselves. So that covers 6 days a week... the other can be eating out (like this week we have a birthday dinner to go to at the place with the rat), or we have left overs.

Dinner Menu for this week

Easter: Country Captain Chicken with couscous

Pintos and Rice

Shepherds Pie and Salad with our baking from that day

Stir Fry and Jasmine Rice

Kale linguine with sough dough loaf

Friday night homemade pizza and a movie

I will be posting recipes as I go, and hopfully I will be able to keep up the manu thing for a while.

Check out my new blogs on the side. I set up a couple new ones lately, one for nutrition (which I posted about two weeks ago) and one for our homeschool process. I am really enjoying being able to share the things about homeschool that I hadn't before.
Take care all and HAPPY SPRING to everyone!

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