Saturday, March 1, 2008

So our address says the city...

But we live a country life. It's messy, productive, lived outside half the year, and there is constantly either hay or dirt in our shoes.

This is our list of events for the last two days:

The care and feeding of chickens:

Removed a stump out of our produce garden with my mom:

A hay ride (child powered of course):

I even went to a sewing convention. lol...

So who says you can't have a country life in the city?


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

My gosh!! Look how big your "littles" are getting!! It looks like you have such a fun li'l homestead there!

Jan said...

You are doing a wonderful job in such a small space! I envy your spring! We just had another 12 inches of snowing. We are wanting to move from our farm to a smaller space since we are in retirement mode and want to have a more managing spot.

Unknown said...

Living a farmlife in the city does have its challenges, to be sure!! We are doing the same thing and dh says if we can't find a farm to move to right now, we will just put a beehive in the backyard and call it a farm :). Love the hayride!!!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Cyan came up with that all on her own. lol... She was doing it, and mom and I both ran outside with our cameras. It was completely adorable... esp the shovels put on both sides so he wouldn't fall off. I swear, my kids are farm kids.... they will find a way to play with hay, the recycling, tin cans, etc. It's a regular farm around here... a block and a half from McDonalds. LOL!


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