Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's better than a hayride?

A hayride with a chicken of course! LMAO!

Logan was having so much fun he didn't know what to do with himself. Cyan has been giving him a daily 'hayride' for about four days now... she loves it, and Logan loves it... but like all farm kids, they have to add something into the game that involves their critters. I guess it was the chickens turn.

Poor Lilly. I didn't think she would stand for it for long. But she put up with their carting her about the yard in this kid made hayride for about 8 minutes before she decided the was done. She was such a sport!

"It is ok to 'love' your pets, just not to love your pets"

Here is Logan, giving the chicken some 'love' and kisses.

Here is Lilly, just before she flew the coop, as it were.

You can see her little mind is working "Ok, how do I get out of this without them coming back and putting me back with this creature here?"

Contrary to what it looks like, she wasn't tied down. lol... Those were the "reins" that Cyan made Logan. They are just on Lilly's back. Did not stop her from getting away at all when she wanted to. I still am amazed at how much they put up with from Cyan. But heck... she feeds them... so when she goes outside, they come running to be with her.



Becka said...

Your pictures are beautiful as always. Want to give us a blogging photography lesson?

And I am so jealous of your chickens. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get some chickens when we move to Ecuador. It will all depend on how big our roof is. That is where they seem to live there.

Anonymous said...

That is probably the cutest thing ever.

Going Crunchy said...

Oh my gosh, how amazingly cute. Your chickens look like they are also so entertained! Shannon

Ani said...

those are cute pics val. i want to see you so bad by the way :D i miss you and the kids. i wish you could come see my NEW! blog at ailapenny.blogspot.com if you could leave a comment it would be cool.

Aila Penny

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Aila, good to see you sweetie! I checked out your blog... I like how dark and fun it looks. :)

Thanks for the comments everyone. He had so much fun. I had to curb the hayrides though, they were getting hay ALL over the yard... so those days are over, but they were sure fun while they lasted. :)


Katie said...


Chiot's Run said...

How Fun!!! I love watching kids & animals interact. Our nieces & nephew dress our dog up in all kinds of things.

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