Friday, April 11, 2008

Pizza Friday

Saute'd bell pepper and onion with olives. OMGoodness... YUM!


Brie said...


Katie said...

That looks amazing, you have added to my daily craving list!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I am getting really good at crust too. It tastes great, and I can make two pizza crusts in about 20 minutes now. I mix the first one in the mixer, then kneed, then put in the bowl, and mix the second, kneed, and then roll out the first and put in the oven and the second goes into the oil bowl. I only dirty one set of bowls that way... and it is two pizzas within 15 minutes of each other. It works great! Although, when you have two crusts in at the same time, make sure you turn up your oven a bit.... 400* works well. :D

It isn't unhealthy... (notice I am not claiming that it IS healthy however)... and it is so good. :)


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