Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow and Pox

It has been dumping snow all morning. We have about an inch now, and still falling. On April 19th. How completely odd. However, it is my dad's birthday today and he told me that when I was about 5 or so, we had a snow like this on his birthday. We even went out and made snowmen it was so deep. I have pictures. It is odd... but not unheard of for 20 years ago. Is it strange that that makes me feel better?

Pox are going well. About half are dried up now. I was right, yesterday was the worst. He slept badly the night before, and was just a crank all day long. Today, he woke up, nursed, rolled himself out of bed, and was into stuff before I could find my bathrobe. So he is feeling better. He has been running around 'chatting' with everything. His little squeaks make me happy today. It means he doesn't hurt.

Beautiful isn't it?

I took a picture of this flower an hour later:



Growing in the Green said...

Wow Val, It is gorgeous out there.
I am totally lovin your music today too:)

Have a great week!

Katie said...

Those pictures are amazing! OMG, snow....while you had snow, we had an 86 degree day, which for here is insane. Hope Logan is feeling much better today!
Just hanging around here waiting, and trying to keep my feet up! At least I can catch up on blogging.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Katie, My friend here, who is due on the same day as you, had her baby this morning. :) I was coming home to check and see how you were doing. :D I am sending you lots of love, and come virtual chocolate. :)


Chell said...

Oh how sad. Really pretty pictures though...

Anonymous said...

Ran across this picture after reading this post - thought you'd like it:

- Chani.

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