Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teaming with Life

There is life in my yard.

Flowers are popping up and starting to show tiny bits of color. Branches are near to bursting with buds from flowers or leaves.

The current bush has it's beautiful leaves on it again... I wish they looked as nice in pictures as they do in life. The leaves are just beautiful! Even if I didn't use them as food, I would have these plants in my yard just for the leaves. Mint is EVERYWHERE. My mint has filled in every spare spot in the herb bed, and is kind of falling into the lawn. Lemon balm is doing the same.

My sorrel and rhubarb are taking a beating from the chickens, their spring effort thwarted by holes in all their leaves. The sorrel looks to be defeated... the rhubarb is working over time to fill in the gaps. Perhaps it will win.

Birds are everywhere. We now have three bird feeders, and one bird house. All occupied most of the time now. The bird house has been "checked out" by a couple different varieties of birds for a home. The male always comes first. Bobbing his head in and out, going in, coming out, calling loudly from the roof, standing there, watching for signs of predators. Then, after about 10 minutes of this, the female comes. She sits on the fence, and watches his faithful appraisal with interest. "Is it ok?" she asks "Is it safe?" No one has claimed it as of yesterday. There were two different kinds checking it out in the afternoon. A chestnut backed Chickadee, and then a tiny grey Bushtit. We are ready to put out nesting supplies, and perhaps a bird bath. We would love for them all to come and live here... but our neighbors have lots of cats. So understand their hesitation.

But we are ready. Ready for spring.
Right this second, Cyan and Logan are outside in the sun. I am about to join them.

Cyan's only school assignment today is to draw something living that she can see. She and her sketchbook have been having a wonderful time.

Logan has been having an equally wonderful time his first time outside with out the encumbrance of rain boots, a rain coat, and sweatshirt. Notice he is about to step right on my tulips. Yes, I stopped taking pictures and moved him... but that beautiful big one right in front of him got underfoot... I hope it still blooms.

How can something so amazingly lovely in June, be so darned ugly in April?


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Anonymous said...

I love Cyan's assignment. I'm going to be a copy-cat and try that with my boy. He's not homeschooled, but we try to extend his education beyond the traditional boundaries of public school.

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