Monday, April 7, 2008


Last week, on a spur of the moment homeschool science experiment, Cyan and I went around the neighborhood and collected twigs so we could force them indoors. They have been sitting on our table since, and a strange and dramatic change has happened. Many of the branches that were just nubs have leafed out into beautiful greenery, and most of the flowers died! Isn't that odd? We were sure that we would get flowers before leaves, but apparently our house is too warm for flowers to live for long. I found that terribly interesting.

The leaves sure are beautiful though.

The one set of flowers that survived were the apple blossoms. I love the white fruitfulness of them. These are from the tree next door. The apples have worm issues, and are barely eatable... but they sure are pretty!



Chell said...

Hey Val.. Isn't this time of year wonderful... New life appearign all around us...

OneCraftyMama said...

How funny. I trimmed my maple and plum trees and did the same thing. They popped out with some leaves a couple of days ago. I just love the look of them.

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