Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Lady Cyan

I originally made this overdress for a winter party that Cyan went to. It went over another white dress and she had fairy wings to go with it. But with a few modifications, she was able to wear it yesterday to a very warm, but very fun, medieval birthday party for a little friend of ours.

The Lady Cyan.

There are times I just love having a girl.



Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Wow, what a stunning beauty!

simply patti said...

I love this picture!

S said...

She's gorgeous! The dress is beautiful you did a great job!

Quinn said...

She is beautiful and you did a great job on the dress.

Katie said...

That is absolutely beautiful! You are so talented :)
Cyan looks stunning in it!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks guys. :) She was so proud. In fact, today she asked me if she could have a tea party where she got to wear it again and put her hair like that. :) I am sure there will be more pictures of my dd in neat dress up outfits. I only wish I had gotten one of Alex too. He put his together himself, and it doesn't look like the apple falls far from the tree (if I can toot my own horn a bit.) ;)


Brie said...

Oh wow! She is stunning and what a beautiful dress!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress and your daughter looks gorgeous in it :) I love her hair to! My daughter has long hair that we french braid usually but I love how you swept the braid up over her head like that. Could you tell me how you did it? Thanks so much,
Nature Mama

Val in the Rose Garden said...

The only difference in making those types of braids and the ones that sweep over their heads is I have to put the braids right over her ears. I can't tighten them at the base as much as I would if I was leaving them down. Then I sweep them up and over her head, pinning them with bobby pins, and crossing the middle so it looks seamless.



Ter said...


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