Sunday, May 4, 2008

Little Explorer

I spent last week doing nature things with Cyan. She drew pictures, planted seeds, watered her garden, talked about how tall they were, measured her seedlings with a ruler, spent tons of time outside playing in the unpredictable Spring days of early May.

Logan, as always, tagged along, getting the cuffs of his pants damp on the dew covered grass as he watched us do our 'work'.

Logan has spent the first months of his toddlerhood outside. He wakes up, and wants us to put his boots on so he can get out the back door. We have a fully privacy fenced backyard, and he is in view of the back door 90% of the time (which we can see out while we are doing schoolwork at the table), but it makes me feel strange to let my baby go out by himself. He loves it though... he wanders around, and then will come back to the door and babble at me to follow him. I do, and he will show me stuff... usually the tacks that are set up for making the garden graph, or a helicopter going by...

but last week he noticed the sunflowers and peas coming up,

and this morning, he figured out how to use the hose.

Those are sweet moments.

I keep thinking that I am neglecting him because he doesn't get the same kind of constant 1 on 1 attention that the other two got...

but I have to say, it looks like there are worse ways to spend your toddlerhood.



Chell said...

Oh too cute. Love the picture of him with the hose.

In answers to the questions you left on my blogs.

I got the Canon 40D and I LOVE it. I upgraded from the Rebel XT and the only downside I see so far is the fact that the files take up twice the space but storage is cheap.
My camera case got put on hold last week for finals and yardwork this weekend hope to finish it this week so check back later this wek for updates...

Chell said...

Hey Val,
I am keeping the Rebel, as a back up and to use when I am trying to tech others who want to learn a little more about photography but if I decide to sell it I will let you know..

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