Saturday, May 24, 2008

A picture Cyan took of her bunny

I was impressed. :) This is Domino. Cyan's bunny. She is becoming a bit more affectionate, although she will still pee on the kids when she gets frightened. It is an effective 'don't scare the bunny' tactic. I have not been able to teach her how to use the large water bottle that hangs on the side of her hutch. But she still drinks out of a bowl, loves garden scraps, and enjoys the kids petting her, if not picking her up. She has been a nice addition already to our little homestead.


simply patti said...

hey... does Domino have a place to rest that isn't 'on the wire'? If she is on the wire all the time, she could develop painful sores on her back feet. If you knew this already, please disreard this un-needed and unsolicited bunny advice ;)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Yes. She has a little hut that has hay in it. She likes to throw it out though. lol... so it hasn't completely done it's job, but so far, she has always had a little spot under her hut that isn't on the wire floor. :)

Good to 'see' you Patti!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Val! Domino looks just like our bunny "Nina". He started out as Angelina BUUUUUUT she was a he (12 children later, hahaha). Bunnies are cool!

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